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Our Story

In 1902, cheese artisans in the village of Armstrong, B.C., founded the Armstrong Cheese company. Their mission was to create the finest quality cheeses in the land. Using fresh local milk collected every morning, they crafted cheddars so exquisite that the Armstrong name soon travelled well beyond the meadows of their small community.

As the reputation of our cheeses spread nationwide, our experts have maintained their traditions to carry on their craft with the same old fashioned care and attention to detail as earlier artisans in the past.

For over a century, not only have our cheeses delighted Canadians, but they have also won various awards around the globe, including Best Cheddar at the World Championship Cheese Contest1 , and the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix2.

Today, our master cheese makers continue to create premium quality cheeses that are just as wonderful now as they were over 100 years ago.



1- World Championship Cheese Contest « Two Time World Cheddar Champion », 1994 and 1998.

2- Canadian Grand Prix, Mild cheddar, 2006.